Lucky Penny Bank

In 2012 the Canadian government discontinued the production of pennies and, in February 2013, the penny was removed from circulation. In light of its collapse in monetary value the Lucky Penny Bank initiated research to quantify the luckiness of pennies based on physical characteristics and superstitions. In addition to surveying individuals, the bank also monitored those who were showing invested interest in lucky pennies via social media. The Lucky Penny Bank could be accessed online with the following options: Submitting a survey for a penny, viewing analysis reports based on survey results, and viewing a cache of text and photo postings from popular social media applications that include #luckypenny. As a promotional component to the project, handbills were created with a cut out that could house a real penny when placed on the ground, and these were left where the public could stumble upon them.

This project was took place with the support of the St[art] residency program